Sarah’s Story – a client’s example of healing

As a way to demonstrate the benefits of the SoulShift Healing Process™, the following is a five part story based on a real client who worked with me over the course of several years. Included are concepts and Revisioning Techniques™ which are applicable to all and easy to use.


Sarah’s Story – Part One

Sarah began working with me when she was 24 years old. She was single, with a strong desire to have a soul mate and husband. She had a boyfriend, but she was always worried when he was not with her. She called and texted him constantly, seeking reassurance. Her behavior caused him to dislike and avoid her. The same thing happened with several men. Always insecure, paranoid, and trying to control. Always leading to angry break-ups and feeling unloved. She tried to control her fears, but she could not. She asked me for some understanding of why she acted this way, and a way to change.

SoulShift explanation of life problem:

“All your life, since you were born, you have been seeking the depth of connection you lost when you left the Spirit Realm. Between lives, in Spirit Realm, there is no separation. There is a feeling that everything is perfect and you are part of that perfect existence. Now, you have chosen a life on Earth, to learn and grow, to experience the joys and challenges of living in a body. You are still perfect, still loved. The problem is that you have forgotten the ‘oneness’ that is still possible. You have lost your connection to Spirit as your source of love and belonging. Your forgetting is reasonable. You have shifted attention to the people around you – mother, father, siblings, and boyfriends – but they are not able to give you what you seek, for they are only human. It is time to reconnect, to restore your ability to feel love inside yourself. When you FEEL love from Spirit, you will not be so desperate to pull love out of other people.”

SoulShift Revisioning Technique™ to overcome feeling desperate:

Your mind is magical. With focused thoughts, you can experience something as real as if it was occurring physically. It is time to believe, to envision a reality that is the truth of your soul. When you hold a new vision, your mind tells your heart that something good is happening. Your mental picture, and the happy emotion that comes from the vision, become a part of your real experience and soul memory.

“Imagine yourself as a baby bird in a nest. Alone, helpless, afraid. You have lived with this feeling from the moment you were born and separated from Spirit. Now… imagine a beautiful mother bird, arriving in the nest. She is warm and soft and strong. She wraps her protective wings around you. You do not have to do anything, or act any certain way. She needs nothing from you. Your job is just to receive. She gets joy from being able to love and care for you. Imagine this mother bird. Feel her love.”

Receiving pure love may feel uncomfortable at first, until you have practice, and get used to the feeling. I told Sarah, “The next time you are about to call or text, or simply feel alone and afraid, call in mother bird first. Before reaching out to another person, to feel stronger and less desperate, call in mother bird. Then, you will be so filled with love, that the other will be drawn to the beauty of your soul, rather than repelled by your fear.”

In addition to the mother bird image, Sarah was encouraged use these mantras in moments of fear:

“I release my fear of being alone.”

“I shift now to receiving love from Spirit.”

Sarah was beginning to heal. She was learning to deserve love. After she practiced the mother bird revisioning, she could calm herself down and resist desperate behavior. She stopped chasing or annoying the men she dated, but she still had difficulty with love relationships. She needed to learn more about her childhood patterns, to understand why she attracted men who were not her soul mate instead of finding her perfect husband.

She continued working with the SoulShift Process™, to discover more about her soul, and gain tools to transform her life.

Sarah’s Story – Part Two

From the SoulShift Process™ experience described in Part One, Sarah realized that her behavior was the result of feeling desperate and alone. When she practiced the ‘mother bird’ exercise many times, she became much calmer and had more self-confidence. Now she was ready to dig a little deeper, to discover more about the insecurity that was effecting many areas of her life.

Sarah and I talked about the difficulty she had always experienced with her father. As a child, she struggled to get his approval, but he was too busy to pay attention. When he was home, he always told her to be quiet. Most of the time, he was working or away. Now, as an adult, she was still afraid to make him upset. She wondered why he didn’t seem to like her.

SoulShift explanation of life problem:

“Your soul has chosen a specific family to be born into. Even though you may not like it, understand that each person is treating you exactly as your soul expected. They are the perfect people to prepare you for your soul purpose, the gift that you bring to the world. With some, you have agreements of love and support. With others, you have agreements of criticism, competition, or even neglect. Since you cannot run away from your birth family, your soul is challenged to learn and grow.

Instead of believing that you deserve to be mistreated or ignored, look at what you have gained from this childhood training. Ask yourself, “What are the strengths and qualities I have developed?” Perhaps self-sufficiency, diplomacy, attention to the needs of others. Your childhood experience has helped you, but it has also created a false belief that you are unlovable and that men are emotionally distant. Your father was not capable of being the loving support you wanted. His behavior and personality has nothing to do with you. His soul agreement was to teach you about the kind of man to avoid in your adult life. With clear understanding, retain the valuable lessons of childhood, and leave behind the pain.”

SoulShift Revisioning Technique™ to clear childhood pattern of being ignored:

“Close your eyes and picture your father sitting across from you. Imagine that you can speak soul to soul with his higher self, the part of him that is free of human pain and struggle. Thank him for being exactly what your soul needed as a child. Thank him for showing you who not to trust, and who to avoid. Tell him that ignoring you made you more helpful and caring, and thank him. And now, his higher self speaks to you. He says, “Thank you. I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me.”

Sarah found great healing in these words from her father’s higher self. To continue, she visualized a similar ‘soul to soul’ conversation with each of the men of her failed relationships.

To reinforce the idea that she was lovable and need not try so hard to get a man’s love and attention, she was encouraged to use these mantras:

“My childhood has made me strong and wise and kind.” “Loving and supportive people are attracted to me.”

Gradually, Sarah felt more lovable. In addition to gratitude for her father, she felt compassion, realizing how he also must have suffered for lack of love. In fact, after her visualization of speaking with his higher self, he actually was easier to talk to in daily life and she could feel his caring more. When his higher self was told that his soul responsibility was complete, his human self was free to be more loving.

In the next chapter, Sarah goes on a past life journey. She discovers more about her soul and learns a revisioning technique to heal the root cause of her relationship issue.

Sarah’s Story – Part Three

With the SoulShift Process™, Sarah was learning much about her emotions and why she had not yet found her soul mate. She continued to practice the ‘mother bird’ visualization and mantras. Her relationship with her father was improving, and she was feeling better about herself.

Sarah desired a new love relationship, but she still did not trust her own choices or behavior. She was nervous about getting into another bad situation.

SoulShift explanation of life problem:

“There is an experience that your soul has forgotten, a trauma from a past life that is still effecting your emotions and behavior. I am guiding you now, back in time, to the soul memory that needs healing.”

Sarah’s past life experience: “I am a young girl in a room filled with beautiful fabrics, delicious foods, servants, and many joyful women. I am happy, and care nothing of the world outside. I see my father, the same one I know now. He is a wealthy man, a ruler with control of many people, servants, warriors. I move forward in time, and my father is telling me that he has arranged my marriage, that I will go to a neighboring land, to bring peace to the region. I am shocked, like an arrow in my heart. I scream and refuse. My father becomes very angry, calling me selfish and yelling, “I will have no more to do with you!” The next day, I am taken by soldiers, and delivered to my husband. Everyone in this new place treats me very badly. I am scorned and beaten. Lonely misery. I cannot even bear children to love, but must endure my husband’s mistresses and their children. I never see my family again.”

Continuation of SoulShift explanation of past life: “In that lifetime, you were learning the consequences of selfishness, for had you gone to your husband willingly, you may have found love. Now you can see why you feel rejection from your father, and why he has difficulty being kind to you, like he is still angry from the past life. In the present life, you are in the same relationship of father and daughter, but now, you have a second chance to improve your choices and correct mistakes. Your task is to be loving and care about the needs of other people. His task is to not control you. He is giving you freedom for happiness now.”

SoulShift Revisioning Technique™ to clear past life trauma:

“Imagine yourself back in that time. Your father is arranging your marriage, but this time, you trust him to care about your happiness. See yourself meeting your new husband, a kind and loving man, who you instantly adore. Feel the relief of knowing you are loved. Imagine a joyful wedding, where both families come together in celebration of the joining of two soul mates. Hold this image in your mind, and let joy fill your heart.”

Sarah was encouraged to release the old story, by saying, “I release the pain of the past. I release being rejected and mistreated. I am no longer selfish, and that will never happen again.” She also had new mantras to replace the false beliefs of the past. “I trust that I am loved and cared for. I am free to choose real love.”

With this new information and clearing, Sarah felt a weight lifted, as if a term of punishment was over. An unexpected benefit: Understanding the past life story improved her financial problems. For many years, she earned good money, but never had enough to pay her bills. She felt guilty about having more than someone else, so she often offered to buy drinks and dinners for her friends. She was overly generous, an extreme need to share. Since clearing the past life, she is able to take care of herself, without feeling selfish. She is still generous, though now she is motivated by happiness instead of fear.

The SoulShift Process™ work Sarah has done so far are bringing many positive changes, but she still feels alone. Next chapter, she learns how to connect with her Spirit guides, and begins to experience miracles.

Sarah’s Story – Part Four

As Sarah practiced the Revisioning Techniques™ she was learning – to feel loved by mother bird, to heal her relationship with her father, to release fear from a past life – her heart felt stronger and her self-confidence improved. Talking about her desire for a happy love relationship, a limiting belief was uncovered. Sarah wanted a husband in order to feel stable and financially secure. At the time, she had a small marketing business that had started well, but now felt like pushing a large boulder uphill. She often could not fulfill promises to clients and struggled to pay employees. She felt overwhelmed, financially, which made her wish she had a husband to help her.

SoulShift explanation of life problem:

“In your present life, as a woman in this modern world, your soul challenge is to take care of yourself, so that you can choose a man for love, instead of survival. In previous lives, you suffered as a result of husbands and fathers who neglected or controlled you. Now, your goal is to be master of your destiny, to have financial well-being from your abilities, to not be dependent on another person. Instead of looking for a husband to rescue you, it is time to call on your Spirit Team. They are loving and devoted members of your soul family, masters of the physical and magical realms. Every challenge you face is meant to be shared with this powerful group. You are not alone.”

SoulShift Revisioning Technique™ to connect to Spirit Team:

“Close your eyes, and imagine yourself seated at a table. There are six others, spiritual beings, glowing with love and light. They seem familiar to you, with a strong bond of trust. You are given an assignment: to go to Earth and to try your best. Your Spirit Team will stay in the spirit realm, where they can best monitor and assist you. Imagine that each of you have special antennae inside your heads, enabling you to stay in contact, mind to mind. Any time you want to connect, take a moment from doing your busy life, and envision your Spirit Team. Send a mental intention or request, and they will hear you. ”

Sarah focused her awareness, visualizing that she was connected to a Spirit Team of magical helpers, mind to mind. She began to talk to them, to ask for help regarding work and money. At first, it was a bit uncomfortable, and she didn’t know what to expect. She used statements that supported unlimited opportunities, instead of asking for a specific thing that might not be in alignment with her true soul purpose or greatest good.

“Send me where I need to be next.”

“I am open to receiving from unexpected sources.”

Within a short period of time, little things began happening that gave Sarah encouragement. First, a refund from a utility company deposit, then, a friend repaying a long overdo and forgotten debt. Next, she received a job offer to work as a Marketing Manager at a successful company. She let go of her business, which was overwhelming and unprofitable, and now earned a much higher salary. Being valued in her job and having improved finances made her feel more confident and self-sufficient. Instead of blind determination in the wrong career direction, Sarah was now moving strongly on her soul purpose path.

Next chapter, Sarah continues to connect with her Spirit Team, learns how to become magical in her dream world, and meets her Soul Mate!

Sarah’s Story – Part Five

Sarah had always assumed that she needed a husband to help her feel secure, before she could pursue her career and soul purpose. Now, she was discovering the value of gaining her own financial independence and confidence through a job she loved. Still, she longed for a love relationship, but didn’t know how to find the right man. Previously, she had dated men who were immature or irresponsible, and were not faithful to her.

SoulShift explanation of life problem:

“So far, the men you have encountered for love relationships were not soul mate agreements. Some love relationships are agreements to make you to learn and grow, or to balance previous unfinished business from past lives. Relationships that seem like failures may be a great success on a soul level. Review each unhappy love relationship, and see how the difficulties forced you to address your emotional neediness and jealous behavior. You are a much stronger and wiser person now as a result. It is time to graduate from relationships that put you through challenges. You are ready to meet your soul mate. Before you came into this life, you made preliminary agreements with at least 12 soul mate candidates, so that you would not run out of chances. Now that you are moving well on your soul path, one of these soul mates will find you.

Sarah was given instructions to set a clear intention for her ideal mate. She wrote a list of many qualities and personality traits of her perfect man. Examples: Capable of love and devotion, kind to strangers, likes quiet evenings at home, dedicated to eating healthy food, financially responsible, good balance of work and play, sense of humor, etc. She described qualities relating to social style, work style, emotional connection, sexuality, family, religion, politics, and education, covering all the aspects of life that are important for compatiblity. She read this list often, especially before sleep, and imagined having him in her life.

SoulShift Revisioning Technique™ to connect with Soul Mate:

“The dream world is a powerful place to connect to your soul mate prior to meeting in the physical plane. First, you must become more skilled at dreaming. Before you go to sleep at night, set the intention that you will remember your dreams, that you will be fully aware of any messages from your Spirit guides or higher self. Practice recalling your dreams duirng the night (writing or speaking into recorder), even if the dreams do not make sense or you only catch small parts.”

After several nights, Sarah found it easier to remember her dreams. Paying attention increased her conscious participation in the dream world, and eventually, she was able to be aware that she was dreaming while in a dream! Now she was ready to send and receive messages. She focused on her Spirit Team, and asked, “How can I find my soul mate?” That night in her dream, a tall man in a golden robe appeared, a gentle, loving presence. “I am the Spirit guide who connects you to important people, and guides you to the right places. You will meet your soul mate at a gathering of friends, and you will recognize him by the love in his eyes.”

Sarah continued practicing Conscious Dreaming, with encounters that were without specific images or events, but which brought a warm feeling of being loved. She went about her life, focusing her intention by reciting this affirmation: “I am willing to shine brightly in the world, so that my soul mate can find me.”

A bit later, Sarah called to tell me that she had recently met a man at a friend’s dinner party. She wasn’t sure if he was the soul mate, but he was very kind and made her feel comfortable and secure. He also fit almost all of the qualities on her wish list, including a favorite music group! She had opportunities to talk through difficult topics and express her needs, and witnessed his mature and supportive responses. Several months went by, and now she is happily engaged to be married.

As always, Sarah will continue to encounter real life problems, but now that she has done the work of healing her inner self, and has gained many skills through the SoulShift Process™, she can move through challenges more easily. Her life is now filled with strength and love instead of suffering.

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