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New Year 2018 message

Here's the message from Spirit for 2018....
Gather Your Allies!
The world is becoming more chaotic. Political systems are becoming unstable. The corporate structure is less secure. People are becoming increasingly angry, fearful, and divided. Nature seems to be rebelling.
Why is this happening? And how can you navigate this changing environment?
The Earth is a Polarity Experiment. Every soul comes here for the opportunity to play in the world of opposites. Individual souls have moved through a variety of eras and places. Sometimes peace and prosperity. Sometimes turmoil and greed. Some souls are here to stir things up. Other souls will endure suffering as they seek to hang on to old ways. And some souls are here to reweave the new way.
Which will you be?
2018 is an invitation for you to embrace your full soul purpose, and realign yourself with powerful allies in order to do so. Allies are those who work together for a cause, and it is time for you to find yours.
Begin with an investigation of the people in your life.
“Do my friends and family make me feel free and alive? Do they accept and encourage me to be
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