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IMAGINE Your Life...Transformed!

IMAGINE . . . Your Life Transformed!

By Daeryl Holzer

(Originally published in Natural Life Magazine, Sept/Oct 2018)

    We use our imaginations more than we realize. When we worry, we easily envision the worst case scenario in vivid detail, until we feel as if it were actually happening! If we think a thing, we feel it. If we feel it, we believe it. And then, somehow, what we believe manifests. What if you could harness the power of your imagination to point your life in a more beautiful direction?

     First, let's unravel and understand the tangled mess of our soul memories and triggers. We have unconscious memories, from childhood, as well as past lives, that influence how we feel and act now. These instinctive responses keep us from repeating past mistakes (like falling off a cliff), but can also show up as unhealthy emotions, beliefs, or behaviors. If a situation resembling a past lesson occurs in present time, the old story is activated (without our awareness). When triggered repeatedly, soul memories can even present as physical ailments in our bodies – a message from our soul that screams until we pay attention!

     My first, personal experience with

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