Receive insights into the soul truth behind your human dramas.

Daeryl4With sensitivity and clairvoyant vision, Daeryl sees directly to the heart of what troubles you. She views a picture which tells a story – of the past life experience that relates to a present issue, of the soul relationship between two people, of the root case of your feeling and behaviors, of the path that lies ahead of a certain choice. Her connection to Spirit Guide, Taliana, brings an exalted sense of love and compassion to the session. In private sessions and email readings, she gives you clarity about your personal journey and the tools and encouragement to make effective changes, now.
    ◦    Learn to make advised choices, rather than responding from fear.
    ◦    Identify and clear unhappy soul memories of childhood or past lives.
    ◦    Understand your body’s messages – what pain, injury, and disease are telling you.
    ◦    Gain clarity about the soul agreements in your love and family relationships.
    ◦    Improve your ability to deal with difficult people or situations.
    ◦    Stop being effected by other people’s intense emotions or confused thinking.
    ◦    Discover your soul purpose, the “mission” that you are here for.
    ◦    Connect to your Spirit guides, the souls on your support team.
    ◦    Receive messages of resolution from loved ones on the other side.

Clairvoyant Sessions, by phone or skype
$100 for 1 hour, $55 for 1/2 hour
. In depth and interactive, with an ability to ask questions and resolve issues that come up. In addition to insights and information, sessions provide an opportunity for the experience of Revisioning Techniques and an infusion of exalted energy. Includes digital recording.
Clients may benefit from only one session, to get through a specific issue. Or, they may work through healing of core issues in a sequence of sessions. Discounts given for multiple sessions.
To schedule a session: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Call or Text 432-295-0270.
“A session with Daeryl is like a massage for the soul.”C.D., Oregon

Email Reading  – $40
Email Readings are best for immediate or introductory purposes, or when scheduling a phone session is difficult. Send an email with name (yours &/or others), topics or questions, and Daeryl will respond with 1/2 hour of writing, returned to you by email.
Click here to begin email reading request…
“Daeryl is a powerful soul sound-mixer, helping me turn down the editor in my head and amplify my heart and soul voice.”R.D., Japan
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