Opening A Window To The Soul:  A Guide to Living Beyond the Human Drama

By Daeryl Holzer

soulBook300A profound and in-depth dialog of Spirit-guided insights describing the nature of the soul essence and presenting imaginative, practical tools to transform human challenges.

Addressing commonly asked questions, Opening A Window To The Soul presents a unique way to understand how the world operates, heal painful emotions, get along with difficult people, and clear unhealthy patterns. With potent examples from the author’s personal journey as well as client sessions, the messages are compassionate, enlightening and universally applicable.

Topics include: the nature of the soul essence; what’s between lives; soul memories, emotions, ego, and creative thought as aspects of the “Earth Suit;” how past life experiences impact present time; the soul family as relating to childhood and karmic agreements; love relationships and soul mates; working with the Spirit team (soul family guides) and soul purpose.

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"This book clarified things for me so completely that within only a few weeks of reading it, I feel not only resolved with my issues and relationships, but taken over by an inner peace that has me smiling most all the time." – K.G. Arizona


Making Magic with Mandalas

makingMagic300Mandalas are powerful tools for meditation and manifestation, especially when you create them yourself. By holding an idea first in your mind and spirit, and staying with that intention as you bring life to an image in front of you, you draw into your life the energy of your vision. Books contain six Mandala templates (black & white line drawings) in easy to remove binding, with instructions.

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Mandala Meditation Cards

meditationCover300What you focus on… manifests! Are you scattered, sad, unmotivated, surrounded by conflict and confusion? Each of these six images is specifically designed to help you counteract the imbalances we commonly face. By repeatedly focusing on the Mandala Card, and using the affirmations that go with each image, you can radically shift how you feel and what you attract into your life. 4 1/4” x 5 1/2”, includes card guide.

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Books and Projects in Progress

The Spirit Game  (currently available in Japanese only)
The SoulShift Healing Process Workbook  (With client examples, step-by-step instructions, worksheets and exercises)
Dancing Through Time (Novel of one soul’s journey through multiple lives)
Permissions – For Women Going Through A Hard Time

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