SoulShift Healing Process™

Developed by Daeryl Holzer, the SoulShift Healing Process™ is a comprehensive approach to overcoming life’s challenges. The system is based on the premise that our soul experiences, including past lives, influence our feelings, beliefs, and responses, and that intuition and imagination are tools we can use to evolve beyond suffering.

The SoulShift Healing Process™ is thoroughly explained in her book, Opening A Window To The Soul, and is the focus of her work in both individual clients and workshop presentations.

Understanding of your soul story is the beginning. Without that knowledge, you may stay in confusion and suffering, not realizing the reasons you feel and think the way you do. You may keep attracting the same kinds of heart-breaking lovers or remain entrenched in family dramas. When you gain clarity, it becomes easier to shift out of patterns of self-sabotage, ill health, frustration, or poverty.

The most unique aspect of the SoulShift Healing Process™ is a series of innovative Revisioning Techniques designed to access and release specific soul memories. Through these techniques, you can learn to rely upon your own intuition and imagination, as powerful tools of the soul, to recreate your life in an ongoing and profoundly effective way.

The SoulShift Healing Process™ can help you…

Learn about your childhood soul agreements as training for your soul purpose.
Understand the soul agreements of your love relationships as steps toward soul mate love.
Gain control of your subtle energies and physical health.
Heal troubling emotions, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage behaviors.
Develop a magical relationship with your Spirit Team, and
Step firmly on your path of greatest soul potential.

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