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There is a way for you to shift out of pain and struggle.

Since 1996, when I began working with clients, much of the helpful information that came through seemed universal in nature, perfect for teaching in a group setting. Being in an environment with others who are dealing with similar issues, and who are willing to lend support and encouragement, also adds to the benefits. In SoulShift Healing Process™ workshops, students will gain insights to the soul in relation to their present experience, learn processes to use on an continual basis, and develop intuition and confidence.

All presentations include description of soul concepts; personal and client stories; demonstrations; individual exercises for self-discovery and soul messages; group interaction, questions, and sharing; and Revisioning Techniques™ specific to each particular topic. Workshops are usually 3 to 5 hours in length. Talks are suited to venue, ranging between 20 minutes and 2 hours.

Workshop.SpiritTalkSpirit Talk & Blessing
with mini readings
Through her guide, Taliana, Daeryl brings an inspirational message and Spirit blessing for the group. Then, individuals may receive a personal message about their soul or seek clarity on a specific topic. A perfect introduction to Daeryl’s loving presence and healing wisdom.

Workshop.DivineSelfAwaken the Power of Your Soul
You are more than just your body, personality, or job!
Your soul has a profound wisdom and purpose. Now you can break the cycle of self-limitation and frustration. Daeryl teaches you to clear and align personal energy, release self-doubt, access and trust your intuition, and reclaim your soul purpose. Learn her innovative techniques to bring soul strength into daily living.

Workshop.SoulMateOpen the Door to Love Workshop
What if you could change what you attract for love?
With awareness of relationship patterns, you move beyond frustration and struggle, towards true love. Daeryl teaches about soul agreements, the Eleven Ugly Love Lies, and communication sabotage. Enlightening exercises and light-hearted, yet powerful Revisioning Techniques transform your love dynamic and attract your soul mate.

Workshop.PastLifePast Life Healing Workshops and Demos
Is a life you don’t remember still affecting you?
Experience profound transformation by seeing and clearing past life memories. Resolve perplexing health issues, disturbing emotions, unhappy relationship patterns and blocks to your potential. In the workshops, Daeryl leads two past life journeys: one to recall and rewire a traumatic experience, and one to reclaim forgotten talents and soul purpose success. In the Demos, Daeryl will work with volunteers, to 'see' a past life that is influencing a current issue, and guide the participant to release and revision the soul memory.

Workshop.SpiritTeamMeet Your Spirit Team
You’re not supposed to be doing it all alone!
Sharing stories of working with Spirit Guides, Daeryl presents a new way of looking at our relationship to the special souls who support our soul purpose. She teaches you a guided visualization process to identify and reestablish a strong connection to your Spirit Team and ways to embrace their assistance.


WorkshopCreativityCreate Your Dreams
Tap into your intuition and draw in your highest potential!
In a playful and supportive setting, access intuition and soul wisdom, clear blocks to free expression, and develop a practice of unleashing creativity. Using drawing, movement, and visualizations, Daeryl helps you banish ‘the critic’ and bring in your creative muse. Through inspiring stories and magical techniques you can manifest the impossible!

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The insights that I received from Daeryl’s teachings about the soul journey were instrumental in my finally being able to forgive those who had hurt me in this lifetime. – K.G., Arizona

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