Book Excerpt 1: Opening A Window To The Soul

Daeryl’s Story…

     From an early age I had a sensitivity, a subtle knowing, which often did not fit my conscious understanding or the experiences of others in my world. My perceptions confused me. Thinking people were speaking cruel words out loud, I realized later that I was just “hearing” their intense, emotional thoughts. Because I “knew” something from a conversation I had not participated in, people tended to be annoyed or distrustful toward me. I sensed my playmates’ pain or sadness as if it were my own and believed that I was responsible. It was unclear why or how, but I knew I was different.

     I also had a vague awareness of something vast and profound, which I could not express, an elusive presence just beyond my reach. I touched upon the mystery in certain moments when I painted or worked with my hands creatively, or when running or dancing to the point where a surge of extra vibrancy flowed through me.

     I had a longing to understand life beyond the rational, physical world and to become connected with the mystery, whatever it was. So as a young adult, I began to explore esoteric belief systems and alternate realities. The psychedelic culture of the 70’s introduced me to “the unspoken thing,” to connections and perceptions that happened in a fluid way, beyond the intellectual mind. I studied ancient metaphysical societies, native religions and rituals, and eastern philosophies. I had personal experiences with inexplicable phenomenon: ghosts, power spots, prophetic dreams, and magical occurrences. Learning astrology and tarot systems gave me a new way of delving into the patterns behind human behavior. I met others who were more like me and learned skills to work with what I finally understood to be my clairvoyant gifts.


What is my sensitivity all about?

     Your body is the vehicle that sets your choices in motion as you respond to the subtle vibrations received from your environment and other souls.

What do you mean, “responding to vibrations received?”

     The pulse of the universe moves as a wave of vibration transferring energy throughout. While in a body, you relate to that movement within a system defined by the physical world. The particular vibration of your soul essence, as well as energy from the environment, other people, and Universal Soul, are modified as those frequencies move through your unique physical structure, emotional energy, and thought patterns.

     Each human body is designed to receive these vibrations, interpret these signals as harmonious or disruptive, blend the wave with their own frequency, and broadcast the modified wave out into the world. Picture a person standing at a microphone saying, “Testing.” The sound enters the electronic device and is transformed into radio waves. As the signal is relayed, the oscillation alters slightly, though without changing the sound entirely. The word “testing” doesn’t become the word “animal” or anything else, but the tonal quality that is projected out of the speaker does not have the exact same resonance as when it first touched the receiver.

How does a body receive these vibrations and what happens in this process you describe?

     The soul comes into an Earth Suit, a complex compilation of sensors, processors, and transmitters, and begins receiving and evaluating the frequencies of the Earth environment.

     Your eyes catch oscillating rays of light, and you perceive various shapes and colors. A pulsing rhythm of sound is heard as throbbing bass or melodic treble notes, according to the wave pattern reaching your ears. Your skin comes into contact with H2O, and you feel frozen ice, fluid water, or misty vapors, depending upon the frequency. Your unseen senses pick up the less tangible emanations of love or anger, peace or danger. Like a sponge soaking up water, the cells of the body absorb a pulse of emotions – what other people feel and project blends with your inner responses.

     Each of you will receive and respond to these varying impulses according to the frequency of your physical and emotional bodies. If a person is sad, the energy of their being is vibrating at a decreased rate. Being exposed to faster frequencies of light, sound, or touch will modify the vibration into a higher mode. Exposing an agitated person to slower frequencies helps calm and harmonize their accelerated and perhaps chaotic vibration.

     All of the senses work together allowing you to observe and relate to the physical world while the signals are synthesized and translated into information by the mind. The brain itself is another sensor, directly receptive to input that leads to new ideas and insights.

     Certain frequencies trigger instinctual reaction to protect us from harm. Some reach the conscious mind as pertinent information. Other vibrations may not be immediately applicable or readily understood, or they may be too uncomfortable to address without shattering the psyche (like child abuse), and so are transferred to the subconscious and stored for later comprehension. When a person has gathered enough other information for the “puzzle” to make sense (and they are mature enough to deal with it), those “missing pieces” are released into the conscious mind, showing up as “aha” moments of clarity and understanding.

     All vibrations are moving simultaneously; the actions and reactions play off of each other like ripples coming from opposite ends of a pond. Signals, relays, evaluation, response. The Earth Suit is a multifaceted interpretation center for the soul.

How is all this information processed?

     In a complex system of energy centers located throughout the body. These focal points, like little satellite dishes picking up radio waves, are each tuned to specific frequencies and operate as transfer stations, relaying signals to the appropriate aspect of the body. Some of the energy centers described here relate directly to the traditional Chakra system, while others do not. (The Chakra system, originally known in Eastern spiritual traditions, is now commonly recognized in many teachings.)

     The energy centers allow your sensory experience to be interactive and unified. These spheres of energy along the spinal axis of the body transfer a particular frequency received to whichever aspect of the Earth Suit speaks the language. The physical body, the senses, emotions, ego, and mind are each the interpreters. Vibrations are translated into messages pertinent to the functioning of each area.

     Your energy centers help you stay connected to the Earth, to Spirit, and to each other. Even though the centers are not physical, they interact with and trigger physical things. Like wind and sun to a leaf, energy centers act upon the body, bringing it to life.


     All is vibration – perception, emotion, sensation – and it all goes in. Like a sponge soaking up a dirty spill, your being holds painful emotions and soul memories. Even without your awareness, ignored feelings will still resonate, and all frequencies will be broadcast through the system. The stronger the vibration, the louder the volume.

Isn’t there any way for a person to control what is broadcast through the system?

     As you learn and grow, you naturally develop the ability to shut out the frequencies that don’t feel good. Your aura, as a sensing shield, becomes tuned to uncomfortable vibrations. When you enjoy the feelings that come in, your aura expands to take in a greater area of awareness. When danger or painful feelings are detected, your aura retracts, containing and shielding like a tight suit of armor.

What is an aura?

     An extension of the physical body, the aura defines the sphere of influence of the soul essence. Much like an invisible outer skin, this energy field functions as an auxiliary sensor and filter system. The aura is a receiver that allows you to sense subtle energies outside of your body, and a projector which extends the range that your personal vibrations can be broadcast beyond your physical form.

     As you gain awareness of your auric field, you can take charge of what is allowed in, what is expressed out, and how much space your energy is filling. This skill enhances your ability to be sensitive and open, or not, depending upon the situation.

How does a person control what comes in through the aura?

     You can learn to use your aura as a shield, as if it were an opalescent bubble that you walk around in. By imagining such a force field around you, all that is light and feels good can easily move through, but anything that would be uncomfortable will bounce off.

     To be more in control of what comes into your being from specific people, you need awareness of the unseen energy cords that are formed between each other’s energy centers.

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