How to manage your sensitivity.

How to manage your sensitivity

Your sensitivity is a gift. It is not meant to cause you suffering or make you feel vulnerable, but unknowingly, you may experience other people’s energy as if it were your own. Like a sponge soaking up a dirty spill, your being can pick up the pain of those close to you, the anger of your neighbor, or the generally broadcast emotions of fear swirling around in our world. Learn how to turn your sensitivity into your power tool!

Magnificent touchstone

You are a magnificent touchstone for my own inner awareness.  


Deep gratitude

All of us have profoundly deep gratitude for your clarity and gift, that you so gracefully share. 


Thank you!

Thank you. You did exactly what I thought you were going to do – you took a “psychic x-ray” of the people and of the situation. I have trouble with words and you said exactly how I felt. 


Lighter and stronger already

I feel lighter and stronger already. I really appreciated your clarity and practicality. It’s been immediately useful. The session continues to work magic, your images and strategies are wonderful. 


More at Peace

After working with you, I see things clearer and am much more at peace. Situations that were once emotionally devastating are now much easier to handle.  


I feel much better

I feel much better, both physically and emotionally. What a special healing gift you have. 


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