Clairvoyant Sessions with Daeryl

Clairvoyant Sessions with Daeryl

My gift is to see directly to the heart of what confuses or troubles you. When I close my eyes, I see a picture which tells a story – of the past life experience that relates to a present issue, of the soul relationship between two people, of the root case of your feeling and behaviors, of the path that lies ahead of a certain choice. My connection to Spirit Guide, Taliana, brings an exalted sense of love and compassion to the session.

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            – Learn to make advised choices, rather than responding from fear.
            – Identify and clear unhappy soul memories of childhood or past lives.
            – Understand your body’s messages – what pain, injury, and disease are telling you.
            – Gain clarity about the soul agreements in your love and family relationships.
            – Improve your ability to deal with difficult people or situations.
            – Stop being effected by other people’s intense emotions or confused thinking.
            – Discover your soul purpose, the “mission” that you are here for.
            – Connect to your Spirit guides, the souls on your support team.
            – Receive messages of resolution from loved ones on the other side.

What can I get out of a session with Daeryl?  Read Sarah’s Story

$120 for 1 hour, $65 for 1/2 hour, by phone or zoom

In depth and interactive, with an ability to ask questions and resolve issues that come up. In addition to insights and information, sessions provide an opportunity for the experience of Revisioning Techniques and an infusion of exalted energy. Includes digital recording.

Clients may benefit from only one session, to get through a specific issue. Or, they may work through healing of core issues in a sequence of sessions. Discounts given for multiple sessions.

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Email Readings are best for immediate or introductory purposes, or when scheduling a phone session is difficult. After payment of $50, send an email with name (yours &/or others), topics or questions, and Daeryl will respond with 1/2 hour of writing, returned to you by email.

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Deep gratitude

All of us have profoundly deep gratitude for your clarity and gift, that you so gracefully share. 


Very happy

Thank you for the tip on visualizing … before I go to sleep. You give me hope. I am very happy with my reading and you put a big smile on me! 


Inspiring words

Thank you for your inspiring words. Your reading always has such a healing effect on me. 


Healing reading

Thank you sooooo much for the terrific, healing reading. As I read it for the first time, my eyes welled up with tears… healing tears. You are “spot” on! I now see the “picture” in a new bright light… this is very helpful and gives me strength. 



I have already been amazed how deep you have foreseen! I am feeling so relieved already! 


Full of love

I love your reading because it is full of love. How you describe energy with color is very interesting and many things make sense now. Thank you so much for sharing your warm and heart-full energy. 


A profound healing

I am totally centered and fine now after your reading which was a healing of a most profound kind. … It woke me up at the core of my being and took me to another level.” 


A massage for the soul

Sessions with Daeryl are like a massage for the soul. I can feel the fingers of Spirit reaching inside of me, soothing my soul, and gently moving out the old tense energy. 


Power to go forward

My sessions with you always give me the power to go forward.  


Sarah’s Story

A client’s example of healing
Finding Love in the Midst of Fear

Sarah came to me for help with a recurring problem in relationships. When she was single, she desperately sought connection, often choosing the first one to give her attention. When dating someone, her constant calling and texting, seeking reassurance, would cause him to dislike and avoid her. Her insecurity and jealousy repeatedly led to angry break-ups and her feeling unloved. She tried to control herself, but she couldn’t. She asked, “Why do I act this way? ”

To explain the source of her desperation, I offered…

“Since you were born, you have been seeking the depth of connection you lost when you left the Spirit Realm. Between lives, there is no separation. You exist in oneness and love. Now, you have chosen a life on Earth, to learn and grow, to experience the joys and challenges of living in a body, but you have forgotten the oneness and love that is still possible. Your forgetting is reasonable. You have shifted attention from Spirit to the people around you – mother, father, siblings, and boyfriends – but they are not able to give you what you seek, for they are only human. When you FEEL love from Spirit, you will not be so desperate to pull love out of other people.”  Read more…

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