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Online Courses and Mentoring Programs

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Courses (online and in person) and Mentoring Programs

These unique programs developed by Daeryl have been presented in Japan as well as throughout the US. All workshops are highly experiential, including demos, exercises, guided visualizations, group activities, and follow-up practice. To work more specifically on your particular goals, Daeryl also offers personal mentoring.

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Clairvoyant Development Courses

A series of workshops and techniques to activate and exercise your intuition, imagination, and compassion. Designed to enhance human potential, provide tools to be less influenced by other people’s energy, and gain confidence in your intuition. Learn techniques to access Akashic Records, Spirit Guides, and Past Life information, for yourself or other people. Accelerate your personal well-being, &/or achieve your goal of professional practice doing readings or healing work. (Courses may be taken individually or as a set).

Course 1. Let’s SEE. 
Basic introduction and techniques, interpreting symbols, Meet your Spirit Guide, Higher Self Activation. Skill development: ‘seeing’ in mind’s eye.

Course 2: Psychic Hygiene. 
Personal energy and emotional balancing (Earth Suit Tune-up), Clearing and protecting your sacred space. Skill development: sensing emotion in self and others.

Course 3: Sound Senses. 
Activate perception through sound. Your Angel Heart as a healing tool, and Soul to Soul Conversations. Skill development: receiving messages as background voice.

Course 4: ExtraOrdinary Perception. 
Advanced skills and integration of senses. Power Animals, Star Realm wisdom. Skill development: confirm your ‘hits’, and Future Viewing.

Clairvoyant Development Courses (dates tbd)
Saturdays: 10 am – 12:30 pm Mountain Time

Course 1: Let’s SEE –  $60

Course 2: Psychic Hygiene – $60

Course 3: Sound Senses –  $60

Course 4. ExtraOrdinary Perception – $60

Courses 1, 2 & 3 – $160

Courses 1,2, 3 & 4 – $210

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Past Life Healing Courses™ 

This series of courses focuses on learning how to access your own past life memories, as a tool to transform how you think and feel now. Learn to see and clear the previous dynamics that bleed into your current relationships, health issues, and emotional patterns. Through guided journeys, Daeryl teaches how to work with several different Past Life memories: an easy life, a life that explains a current relationship, a problematic life that is holding you back, and a life where you were able to achieve your highest potential. Take home specialized techniques and reference material for ongoing self-awareness. A new way of embracing your life, relationships, and soul purpose awaits you!

Past Life Healing Courses (dates tbd).

Courses are offered as a three-part set, either online, or in person. All participants receive written reference material as well as access to recordings.

Online: currently not offered

In-person: 3-part course.
Saturdays, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm (Bozeman, Montana)

Price: $160 (either version)

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SoulShift Healing Process™ 

A compilation of concepts and techniques enabling a shift from human drama to an exalted soul experience. Learn to access and clear soul memories from childhood and past lives, then use intuition and imagination to transform current reality. Workshops include a focus on love relationships, soul purpose, and spirit guides, as part of the complete program to advance personal growth and achieve your dreams.

Supercharge your soul
Learn about your soul, including soul family, agreements, and soul purpose

Reunite with Spirit
Release childhood programming, restore soul essence love and belonging

Open the Door to Love
            Change what you attract for love

Meet Your Spirit Team
Access soul family members in the Spirit realm for love and support

Past Life Healing
            Discover and transform your soul memories


Your workshop was powerful for me and left me wanting more! 


Power to go forward

My sessions with you always give me the power to go forward.  


So Thankful!

I’ve listened to the recording three times now! I continue to learn and process the information. I’m so thankful to have received that reading from you!!!