How to discover and heal your Past Lives…

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How to discover and heal your Past Lives..…

We have all lived other lives, playing a variety of roles, and experiencing a wide range of scenarios and relationships. Some lives were pleasant, while other lives taught us intense lessons. When soul memories are triggered by something similar happening now, you may feel and respond from the old story, but you do not have to continue suffering or staying stuck in unhealthy patterns. Your soul is simply giving you a wake-up call, an opportunity to take a step out of your past.

Healing and light

You are an amazing presence of healing and light. I am astonished at how powerful it has been to have you help me through this. 

New York

Instrumental insights

The insights that I received from Daeryl’s teachings about the soul journey were instrumental in my finally being able to forgive those who had hurt me in this lifetime.  



I have already been amazed how deep you have foreseen! I am feeling so relieved already! 


You are amazing

You are amazing! Everything you said was absolutely right and extremely helpful. 


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