Book Excerpt 3: Opening A Window To The Soul

How Daeryl met her guide, Taliana

     Following my first past life experience, I was becoming more comfortable with being different, with exploring and expressing my unconventional ideas. And, finally, I began using my gifts to help other people by teaching workshops, giving clairvoyant readings and doing past life regressions. I was making the shift from graphic designer to healer with a decent level of success, but without the confidence I needed to do it full time. When I was able to put my self-doubt aside, I could trust what I was “seeing.” Clients gave me positive feedback that the information was helpful, but I felt that I was trying to do something really hard, all alone.

     I was also still struggling with the pain of my divorce, wondering how long I would have to endure being so wounded and emotionally needy. When an offer to join my two closest friends in Hawaii came, I jumped at the chance for retreat and was hopeful of renewal.

     There, due to an unusual dream, my life took an amazing turn.

     In the dream, I heard a phone ringing, and when I answered it, a soft female voice said, “Hello. This is Taliana.” She was matter of fact, as though she expected me to recognize her voice. “Do I know you?” I asked. With friendly assurance she explained, “Oh, yes! We have known each other many lifetimes, and I am here to help you do your work.”

     As she spoke to me in the dream, I became aware of a warmth, as though there was a wave of cleansing energy swirling through my body from head to toe. I was overcome with a profound sense of peace and comfort, like the relief a baby feels at being held by its mother – complete unconditional love. I asked her, “What is this feeling?”

     “This is how you are all meant to feel. Anytime you want to connect, just call my name and I will be with you.”

     I woke up. Eyes wide open in the dark, I mentally reviewed the dream, intent upon remembering every detail. In the morning, my mind bouncing between skepticism and delight, I spoke her name in my head, “Taliana.” Like taking a deep breath, the rush of bliss once again filled me, expanding my heart, relaxing every cell in my being.

     As I described this dream to my friends, their enthusiasm and trust was so powerful and infectious that it didn’t occur to me to say “no” when they encouraged me to call her in. I shut my eyes and spoke her name.

     A flood of questions: “Who is Taliana? Why have you come to Daeryl? What’s Daeryl’s soul purpose? What’s my soul purpose?”

     Explanations flowed, not from my mind, but from a vast source, far away, yet deep within my soul. There was nothing uncomfortable, no fear of giving up control. I had a sense of “I’m not alone doing this,” so I kept going. We learned that Taliana was a soul family member who had been with me in another lifetime, a time when we had worked together as healers and teachers. She was to be my direct access to Spirit, to the knowledge in my own soul, and my ultimate source of love and wisdom. For this life, we also have a soul agreement to work together, for her to help me with my soul path of teaching and sharing, but this time I am in the physical and she is not.

     I was astonished to be speaking these words and realized that for once my “busy little monkey mind” was totally out of the way!

     I cannot explain why, but this turn of events seemed both exceedingly bizarre and perfectly natural. My veil of self-doubt dissolved as I embraced my reunion with something magnificent, something familiar that I had been separated from long ago. As I worked with this new connection to Spirit, for myself, and for others, I came to know, deep in my heart, the wholeness I had been seeking my entire life.

     Before Taliana, I had known what it felt like to make a connection with the sacred, to feel the mystery moving within me, and I had learned how to access information with my clairvoyant skills, but I had not experienced both simultaneously! By calling in Taliana, no matter what she was, I was tapping into the sublime and accessing intelligent, conversational explanations. Up until now, I had just been putting my toe in the water; this was a full dive!

     I returned to my work with clients filled with confidence and enthusiasm; the energy moving through me coated all my words in a warm loving presence and the delivery of information became more exalted. I had people tell me that they felt the presence of something they did not recognize as me. The challenge for me, still the skeptic, was to accept what was happening. My first inclination was resistance, timidness and not wanting to reveal that I could do this special thing. This creeps in on me still, as I often question what I am doing… until I call her in, and then it feels natural.

     Working with this connection to Spirit, I began to get clarity and understanding of my life and others around me from a soul perspective, with compassion and grace. I became less emotionally needy in love relationships, less frantic in fear. Instead of panicking in stressful situations, I was able to stay calm and grounded. I was given guidance that, when followed, led me to amazing transformations within myself as well as in my external circumstances.


What is a Spirit Guide?

     Your soul path is a team effort.

     You are not meant to go through life feeling lonely or separate, or to be limited in what you can accomplish. There are other people to share your experiences, as well as soul family members on the other side and Spirit guides to help you. Spirit guides are like “wind in your sails,” giving you an extra push and making your journey easier. Among all of the souls who are Spirit guides, there is a dedicated group who are especially connected to you – your personal Spirit Team.

Who are these Spirit Team helpers?

     There are a select few from among your soul family Spirit guides (those who have gone through all of their cycle of lives and are now assisting others) who have made a specific and powerful soul agreement with you for this life. Their agreement is to make sure you feel loved and connected, to assist you in accomplishing your tasks and to remind you of your exalted soul essence. Your agreement is to let them.

     You are part of a team – an Earth mission team – and you are the emissary who is in a physical body while your Spirit Team operates from the Spirit realm. You are the one who is capable of tangible movement and choices while they, having recently mastered the challenges of a series of Earth lives, are now able to operate as multidimensional, magical beings.

     The “mission” of your Spirit Team is to serve as back up support as you live your life on Earth. Without their participation, your soul tasks and human experiences are more of a struggle. Without your cooperation, your Spirit Team cannot fulfill their part of your soul agreement and cannot achieve their next level of soul growth.


What are the six roles of the Spirit Team?

     They are best described as the state of being opposite to the human challenge that they assist with.

Fear: The Nurturer comforts in times of fear, loneliness, and low self-worth.

Chaos: The Wise Protector, the one who pulls you out of confusion or danger.

Lack: The Treasurer provides material goods necessary to survive and thrive.

Disease: The Body Healer insures that your Earth Suit functions well.

Separation: The Networker hooks you up with human helpers and companions.

Stagnation: The Creative Muse with the infusion of fresh ideas and spontaneity.


How do I work with my team?

     A great example of how my Spirit Team worked with me was the time I needed a place to live. After plowing through the want ads, I became discouraged by the high cost and low quality of rentals available. So I turned to visioning, creating a list of everything included in my perfect dream home. Nothing precise such as “two bedrooms,” but rather, “plenty of room for living, playing, and working.” Instead of “$800/month” I wrote, “affordable.” I set the list aside, and imaged being in a place fitting my description. It felt good and I began to have faith that such a home existed.

     I stated my need to my Spirit Team, and I opened to their guidance, by asking, “Send me where I need to be next.” For some reason (influence of my Creative Muse?), I was inspired to actually draw a rough sketch of a home, bringing the image even more present in the realm of possibilities. The next day, I awoke from a dream with the words, “Go to the Salem Unity,” sounding in my mind (perhaps a message from my Networker). I believed that I was being led to check out the church, and approached a woman after the service who responded to my introduction by asking with excitement, “You wouldn’t be looking for a house to rent, would you?” The house was exactly as I had drawn it!

     Though much larger, more beautiful, and less expensive than I expected (thank you, Treasurer), it was perfect. Even the arrangements with the landlords were generous and smooth. As it turned out, living in this house actually brought an abundance of clients, through my association with the Unity folks. My Spirit Team had led me to the perfect manifestation of my every need, beyond my greatest expectations.


     With the essence of your Spirit Team present in your mind, you bring about a shift. It is as if your attention to them results in attention from them. Little messages begin to permeate your thoughts. You find yourself being led to good ideas, wise moves, lucky breaks, and serendipitous meetings.

     Instead of feeling like a blind-folded person, stumbling through a hedge maze, you have helpers looking out over the whole picture and guiding you in the game, “Left here, now straight ahead. That’s right. Keep going.”

© Daeryl Holzer and SoulShift Publications, 2008


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