How To Get Through Hard Times

There are times when we need to face our challenges, to radically change our thoughts and behavior, to take charge of our lives. In these times, looking into the soul perspective of our addictive behaviors, unhealthy relationships, financial problems, work frustrations, or chronic health issues can provide the missing pieces of understanding which bring about healthier ways of being.

Other times, there’s nothing to be done in the moment, and we need a way to BE OK no matter what happens. In these times, what is most helpful is receiving a bit of support and reassurance.

Especially during the holidays, family gatherings with difficult people, financial pressures, and memories of lost loved ones, a person may feel hopeless and helpless. If you are trying to manage uncontrollable situations, sitting in loneliness, or wishing that someone else would change, some kind words may ease your stress and help you move forward.

For many years, during situations of my own turmoil and crises, I have received messages from Spirit, gently steering me to make my own right choices and giving me hope for my future. Most recently, after the passing of my soulmate-husband, a sequence of comforting messages began ‘popping into my mind’. I felt very strongly that his loving soul was speaking to me, giving me exactly what I needed to move through grief and take care of myself.

These messages of wisdom and encouragement are now compiled in a set of 100 cards. Draw a card at random to receive a message for the moment. Or draw a card each morning, as a thought for the day. PERMISSIONS cards are like a wise and supportive friend, gently guiding you through hard times.

You deserve a little comfort.

© Daeryl Holzer, 2019
Natural Life News, October 2019