Imagine…Your Life Transformed

We use our imaginations more than we realize. When we worry, we easily envision the worst case scenario in vivid detail, until we feel as if it were actually happening! If we think a thing, we feel it. If we feel it, we believe it. And then, somehow, what we believe manifests. What if you could harness the power of your imagination to point your life in a more beautiful direction?

First, let’s unravel and understand the tangled mess of our soul memories and triggers. We have unconscious memories, from childhood, as well as past lives, that influence how we feel and act now. These instinctive responses keep us from repeating past mistakes (like falling off a cliff), but can also show up as unhealthy emotions, beliefs, or behaviors. If a situation resembling a past lesson occurs in present time, the old story is activated (without our awareness). When triggered repeatedly, soul memories can even present as physical ailments in our bodies – a message from our soul that screams until we pay attention!

My first, personal experience with a past life soul memory was spurred on by a major back injury. I was in a job that I hated. I was married to an awful and abusive man. I wanted to be doing the work that I am doing now, but I wouldn’t even tell anyone that I believed in Astrology! I was miserable and resistant to change. After my back injury, my therapist suggested, “Let’s do some hypnotherapy, and see what your body wants to tell you.” As soon as she put me under… “Boom! I’m an old man, with a long gray beard. I’m in a round stone building, with herb jars on shelves, and a large hand-written book filled with symbols on a wooden table. I instantly knew this to be my work, as an herbalist and metaphysical scholar. When she prompted, “How does this relate to your back?,” the scene switched to an angry crowd coming from the church. They pulled me out of the building and beat me with sticks. (No pain or suffering – more like watching a movie). I only felt a giant vibration, like a tuning fork going “Ching”, into my back and down my legs. I had a huge realization and release. “I see what is keeping me stuck!”

Then, it was time to reevaluate. What are the associations, the false beliefs? What is still true? What is not true? Bringing the root-cause soul story into present time helped me ‘talk myself down from the ledge.’ I took a deep breath and affirmed, “I release my fear of the past repeating. It’s safe for me to embrace my true path this lifetime.”

After the session, I stood up, bent over and touched my toes, pain free! From that point on, my back started healing, and I was able to move forward. I quit my job, divorced my husband, and began my clairvoyant work full-time. I wonder how long I would have endured that miserable life if my back hadn’t activated and exposed such a potent past life story!

There were still moments where I felt resistance rise up, and I wondered, “What else can I do?” So, I developed the idea of Revisioning, to actually replace the old soul story. In a self-hypnosis, trance state, I returned to a pivotal point of change, right before the crowd came. Using my imagination, I created a new vision, where my light and love were so expansive that the once-angry crowd shifted out of fear and embraced me. “I now remember being loved and accepted,” became my reinforcing mantra.

In addition to physical issues, phobias, and emotional blocks, past life memories can also adversely influence our relationships, which can be transformed in a similar process of discovery, release, and revisioning.

A client of mine had a frustrating love relationship. She had supported a man for a year as he went to college, even though he was unloving and rejecting. The day came when she was ‘done,’ but her resentment and low self-esteem lingered. In a clairvoyant session, we discovered that she had been his mother in a past life in India. Destitute and hopeless, she had left him, as a baby, on the side of the road. In the present life, her soul agreement was to give him a better future, to make up for that other life. What she once viewed as a failure was now seen as a success, on a soul level. Using her imagination, she then envisioned that mother, strong and supported by a loving husband, caring for the child together. With this new vision, she felt better about herself, and soon attracted a healthy relationship.

What you anticipate is what you feel. What you hold in your vision manifests. You have the power to design a new life for yourself. It is time to use your imagination and pretend that you get to have a better life now, because you do!

© Daeryl Holzer, 2018
Natural Life News, September 2018