Meet Your Spirit Team!

What is a Spirit Team?

There are many kinds of Spirit Guides who are available to help us in our lives, including angels, archangels, fairies, animal allies, and occasionally, deceased loved ones. The Spirit Team is a specific group of Spirit Guides from a person’s soul family, with many previous lifetimes spent establishing profound mutual love and trust. They have recently mastered their human challenges, and are no longer returning to Earth, but have as their next task to assist their soul family members.

Unlike the people in your life, these Spirit Guides are not subject to emotions, personality flaws or judgments. With great compassion for the difficulties of being human, they have no agenda other than to see you thrive.

Why do I need a Spirit Team?

Connecting to your Spirit Team is like having “wind in your sails.” They help you feel love when people let you down. They protect you from physical or emotional harm when you are going in the wrong direction. They are working behind the scenes, arranging for you to meet key people, guiding you to your next perfect job or home, and creating little miracles to provide you with everything you need to accomplish your life’s purpose.

You are still responsible for doing your part – thinking, learning, making choices, taking care of daily tasks – while your Spirit Team is doing their magic to make whatever you are doing easier and more successful.

Meeting the guides on your Spirit Team, and developing an ongoing relationship, provides you with an immediate and endless source of comfort and wisdom. They can reassure you, with subtle messages, that you are on the right track. Or you may be able to ask specific questions and get solutions that would not have occurred to you. When you are struggling on your own, and turn your attention to your Spirit Team, you’ll experience a shift in attitude, and quite possibly, some unexpected good luck.

With their support, you will gain more self-confidence and begin to trust your own intuition, improving how you feel about yourself. Most importantly, when you have your Spirit Team in your life, you will finally feel like you deserve to receive love and support. You will no longer feel like you are struggling alone.

How do I connect to my Spirit Team?

It is your clarity of intention that sets things in motion, your desire to open to connection and assistance that invites their participation. Begin with a simple meditation. Focus first on connecting with the highest source of love and wisdom, thinking about a group of soul ancestors who love you. Ask for one of your Spirit Team to present to you. Trust your imagination, and allow whatever pops into your mind. Your guides exist as multidimensional energy now, able to transform themselves and appear to you in whatever manner is easiest for you to relate to. You may see an image – perhaps a specific person, classic archetype, an animal, or only a swirling color. You may sense an emotion, like love or calm or strength, or simply find yourself in a more exalted state of being. Pay special attention to how you now feel. Try asking their name and listen for their response in your mind. With some practice, you will be able to have more indepth conversations and trust the information you receive.

There is nothing your Spirit Team would rather be doing than to connect with you, so feel free to call them in often. Move beyond any thoughts that you are not worthy or should not ask for help. Let go of thinking that you should control your next move, or that you even could. Be open to unseen possibilities.

With your Spirit Team in tow, instead of feeling like a blind-folded person, stumbling through a hedge maze, you now have magical and trustworthy helpers looking out over the whole picture and guiding you in the game, “Left here, now straight ahead. That’s right. Keep going.”

Have fun! Your Spirit Team is waiting for you.

© Daeryl Holzer, 2019
Natural Life News, September 2019