You Could Be Clairvoyant!

Everyone is born with muscles, and you don’t have to be a professional athlete to use them to your advantage. Likewise, everyone is born with natural intuitive abilities. So why do we stop using them?

Our focus shifts to relating to the physical world, learning language and analytical thought. For some children, the emotions of their earliest caregivers are so intense that they unconsciously learn to block or shut-off their feelers. For most of us, there is no one to guide us, no validation to understand or trust what we perceive. “No one else senses what I sense. I must be wrong.”

I, too, spent many years in a state of confusion, not knowing why I felt so different, listening to other people instead of trusting my own feelings. Many years later, I have learned to interpret the subtle messages that come through visual symbols and images, sounds and phrases that ‘pop’ into my mind, bodily sensations, and connection with Spirit. I have come to trust what I ‘know’ without knowing how I know. Finally, back on my true soul path, I love to teach others how to find and use their special gifts.

What does it mean to be Clairvoyant?

Clairvoyance, literally translates as ‘clear-seeing’. I define the term to include ‘understanding.’ First, perceiving through all of the senses, picking up on emotions, soul essence, thought patterns, as well as receiving messages from Spirit. Then, interpreting information into meaningful relevance. “How does this apply to the current situation (or feeling)?” and “How can I work with this knowledge to improve life?” Being Clairvoyant brings clarity to otherwise confusing situations and enables you to more effectively help yourself and others.

How do I become Clairvoyant?

You’ve already got potential. Becoming fully Clairvoyant involves activating your intuitive abilities, learning psychic skills, connecting with Universal Knowledge, and gaining confidence to trust what you perceive.

You can begin by awakening your dormant senses, exercising specific neural pathways, and picking up where you left off!

To activate your 3rd Eye

Sit with a lit candle in a dark room. Picture a cord, like a root, growing from your tailbone, reaching deep into the Earth. Breath until you feel calm and centered. Gaze at the flame, focusing with your full attention. Watch how the fire moves, notice all the colors. Imagine a diamond on your forehead, which receives the heat and light of the flame. Your diamond begins to glow, getting stronger, and reflecting back to the candle. Feel the energy of your 3rd Eye (that space behind your eyes and forehead) becoming more alive. Play with the energy, ‘sending’ from your 3rd Eye diamond to the candle flame. Do your efforts change the flame? Continue your focus for 5 to 10 minutes, then take a break. Return your gaze. On the 2nd or 3rd time, you may see floating images, receive messages, or feel unique body sensations. Be open to something unexpected. Pay attention!

To start trusting your intuition

With eyes closed, imagine that on your left shoulder rides a noisy head, a conglomeration of all the negative things that anyone has ever said to you. “You can’t do that! You are wrong! You are stupid!” This is the voice which has been riding with you, limiting your creativity and self-confidence, and causing you to not trust your intuition.

By the intention of your thoughts, you can shrink this head to the size of a fly. The voice becomes only a little buzzing sound. Ineffective. And the fly zips away. Next, an encouraging replacement arrives to ride on your right shoulder – whatever pops into your mind, perhaps a fairy, Spirit Guide, or friendly animal character. From now on, when you get an idea or intuitive ‘hit’, listen for the Magical Voice that says, “Yes! Let’s do it! That’ll be great!” or “Yup! That’s right!”

Your old Critic Voice may pop back in, but you can always shrink it down and replace it with the Magical Voice. You are in charge of who you listen to!

Take advantage of your natural intuitive abilities. Keep exercising them, and watch your clarity and confidence improve.

© Daeryl Holzer, 2019
Natural Life News, March 2019