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daerylPhoto1In response to a series of intense personal challenges, Daeryl learned to embrace her natural gift of insight and her profound connection to Spirit. Over the course of two decades, she developed the SoulShift Healing Process, a compilation of concepts and techniques enabling a shift from human drama to an exalted soul experience. Her work focuses on accessing and clearing soul memories, and using intuition and imagination to transform current reality. Her goal is to help others develop a strong and direct connection with the divine life force, as an avenue to personal growth and improved daily living.

Recently, she developed a new series of workshops, Clairvoyant Training, which involves activating and exercising your intuition, imagination, and compassion, to enhance your full human potential. These courses will appeal to those seeking accelerated personal growth, as well as to those with a goal of professional practice doing readings or healing work.

A skilled clairvoyant and down-to-earth spiritual teacher, Daeryl offers private sessions and mentoring as well as presenting workshops, trainings, and online courses.


Daeryl Holzer interview with Margaret Burns – September 18, 2017


Bozeman, Montana – Daeryl Holzer, November 19, 2016


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A profound and in-depth dialog of Spirit-guided insights describing the nature of the soul essence and presenting imaginative, practical tools to transform human challenges.

Addressing commonly asked questions, Opening A Window To The Soul presents a unique way to understand how the world operates, heal painful emotions, get along with difficult people, and clear unhealthy patterns. With potent examples from the author’s personal journey as well as client sessions, the messages are compassionate, enlightening and universally applicable.

Topics include: the nature of the soul essence; what’s between lives; soul memories, emotions, ego, and creative thought as aspects of the “Earth Suit;” how past life experiences impact present time; the soul family as relating to childhood and karmic agreements; love relationships and soul mates; working with the Spirit team (soul family guides) and soul purpose.

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