Daeryl Holzer

Clairvoyant,  Spiritual Teacher, Author

Daeryl Holzer

Clairvoyant,  Spiritual Teacher, Author

A skilled Clairvoyant and down-to-earth spiritual teacher, offering private sessions, mentoring, workshops and talks, as well as books, card sets, and guided visualizations.

Daeryl Holzer

For over 20 years, my work with Spirit Guide, Taliana, has enabled me to tap into the immense and unlimited energy of Spirit, resulting in a greater capacity for love and wisdom, an ability to trust in the flow of unpredictable events, and the development of many innovative techniques and products to assist others. Read More

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The four practices that have helped me the most in life

Sensitivity/Energy Management turning emotional overwhelm and vulnerability into Clairvoyant skill, with the ability to clear and protect myself and trust my intuition.

Imagination and Intention – shifting from fear to magical manifestation using imagination as a power tool, including reprogramming of adverse soul memories.

Spirit Guide Connection – feeling love, safety, and support, receiving messages and healing techniques, and especially, gaining confidence in my clairvoyant skills and becoming more my higher self.

Past Life Healing – understanding the bigger picture of my soul through discovery of past life experiences has been profoundly transformative, bringing about major shifts in how I think and feel, and how the world shows up for me.

And now I am honored to share what I’ve learned…

Propelled me forward

Daeryl was the one person who was able to really propel me forward on my path.  

N. Carolina

Magnificent touchstone

You are a magnificent touchstone for my own inner awareness.  


Deep gratitude

All of us have profoundly deep gratitude for your clarity and gift, that you so gracefully share. 


Healing and light

You are an amazing presence of healing and light. I am astonished at how powerful it has been to have you help me through this. 

New York


Your workshop was powerful for me and left me wanting more! 


Instrumental insights

The insights that I received from Daeryl’s teachings about the soul journey were instrumental in my finally being able to forgive those who had hurt me in this lifetime.  


Very happy

Thank you for the tip on visualizing … before I go to sleep. You give me hope. I am very happy with my reading and you put a big smile on me! 


Inspiring words

Thank you for your inspiring words. Your reading always has such a healing effect on me. 


Healing reading

Thank you sooooo much for the terrific, healing reading. As I read it for the first time, my eyes welled up with tears… healing tears. You are “spot” on! I now see the “picture” in a new bright light… this is very helpful and gives me strength. 



I have already been amazed how deep you have foreseen! I am feeling so relieved already! 


Thank you!

Thank you. You did exactly what I thought you were going to do – you took a “psychic x-ray” of the people and of the situation. I have trouble with words and you said exactly how I felt. 


Lighter and stronger already

I feel lighter and stronger already. I really appreciated your clarity and practicality. It’s been immediately useful. The session continues to work magic, your images and strategies are wonderful. 


Full of love

I love your reading because it is full of love. How you describe energy with color is very interesting and many things make sense now. Thank you so much for sharing your warm and heart-full energy. 


A profound healing

I am totally centered and fine now after your reading which was a healing of a most profound kind. … It woke me up at the core of my being and took me to another level.” 


You are amazing

You are amazing! Everything you said was absolutely right and extremely helpful. 


A massage for the soul

Sessions with Daeryl are like a massage for the soul. I can feel the fingers of Spirit reaching inside of me, soothing my soul, and gently moving out the old tense energy. 


More at Peace

After working with you, I see things clearer and am much more at peace. Situations that were once emotionally devastating are now much easier to handle.  


I feel much better

I feel much better, both physically and emotionally. What a special healing gift you have. 


So Thankful!

I’ve listened to the recording three times now! I continue to learn and process the information. I’m so thankful to have received that reading from you!!!  


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