Propelled me forward

Daeryl was the one person who was able to really propel me forward on my path.  

Deep gratitude

All of us have profoundly deep gratitude for your clarity and gift, that you so gracefully share. 

Healing and light

You are an amazing presence of healing and light. I am astonished at how powerful it has been to have you help me through this. 


Your workshop was powerful for me and left me wanting more! 

Instrumental insights

The insights that I received from Daeryl’s teachings about the soul journey were instrumental in my finally being able to forgive those who had hurt me in this lifetime.  

Very happy

Thank you for the tip on visualizing … before I go to sleep. You give me hope. I am very happy with my reading and you put a big smile on me! 

Inspiring words

Thank you for your inspiring words. Your reading always has such a healing effect on me. 

Healing reading

Thank you sooooo much for the terrific, healing reading. As I read it for the first time, my eyes welled up with tears… healing tears. You are “spot” on! I now see the “picture” in a new bright light… this is very helpful and gives me strength. 


I have already been amazed how deep you have foreseen! I am feeling so relieved already!