Thank you!

Thank you. You did exactly what I thought you were going to do – you took a “psychic x-ray” of the people and of the situation. I have trouble with words and you said exactly how I felt. 

Lighter and stronger already

I feel lighter and stronger already. I really appreciated your clarity and practicality. It’s been immediately useful. The session continues to work magic, your images and strategies are wonderful. 

Full of love

I love your reading because it is full of love. How you describe energy with color is very interesting and many things make sense now. Thank you so much for sharing your warm and heart-full energy. 

A profound healing

I am totally centered and fine now after your reading which was a healing of a most profound kind. … It woke me up at the core of my being and took me to another level.” 

You are amazing

You are amazing! Everything you said was absolutely right and extremely helpful. 

A massage for the soul

Sessions with Daeryl are like a massage for the soul. I can feel the fingers of Spirit reaching inside of me, soothing my soul, and gently moving out the old tense energy. 

More at Peace

After working with you, I see things clearer and am much more at peace. Situations that were once emotionally devastating are now much easier to handle.  

I feel much better

I feel much better, both physically and emotionally. What a special healing gift you have. 

So Thankful!

I’ve listened to the recording three times now! I continue to learn and process the information. I’m so thankful to have received that reading from you!!!